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  • November 12, 2021 // attoworld
    blood samples for “Early Cancer Detection with Lasers” (ECDL) research
    In the framework of the “Early Cancer Detection with Lasers” collaboration (ECDL) the King Saud University (KSU) and the Oncology Centre of the King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC) are collaborating with the … More
  • tracking cancer in your blood

    Cancers can grow in numerous places within our bodies and present tremendous threat to our health. But if one …

  • unusual properties of photoexited solids

    Photoexcitation by an intense, few-cycle laser pulse usually turns transparent solids into absorbing media …

  • a snapshot of blood serum composition on the cover
    With their Research Article published in “Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.”, Liudmila Voronina, Mihaela Žigman et … More
  • top-cited in Applied Optics
    The AMO-group has now carefully characterized four thin-film e-beam evaporated materials, namely, Ge, YbF3, … More
  • FRM group joins Max Planck-UBC-UTokyo Center for Quantum Materials
    The Field-Resolved Infrared Metrology Research Group has established a new collaboration between the … More
  • trihydrogen formation by intense irradiation
    The attoworld reseach group “field resolved nano spectroscopy”, led by Prof. Matthias Kling, in collaboration … More
  • our colleagues at the CLEO conference
    The CLEO Europe conference — the largest conference on photonics and related research fields — is in full … More
  • measuring the electric field of mid-infrared pulses at a rate of 38,000 times …
    We report measurements of the full electric field of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses at acquisition rates … More
  • probing the dynamics of photoemission
    When light impinges on matter, the electrons in the sample respond to the input of energy, and the interaction … More
  • a drop in the ocean
    Thousands of researchers are seeking ways to capture human health within a simple probe. Why? Every person is … More
  • two-stage particle-beam booster
    Particle accelerators have made crucial contributions to some of the most spectacular scientific discoveries … More

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